Questions to ask your designer

General questions to consider when developing a website

  • What is the main purpose of your web site?
  • Who is your main audience or target market?
  • What will your customers use your site for?
  • Who is going to write your content?
  • What parts of the site are going to have to be updated regularly?
  • How should the site look and feel?
  • Does the site require any advanced features such as e-commerce or an email newsletter etc.
  • How important is it to attract visitors via Google?
  • How will your site attract new visitors and keep existing customers?
  • How are you going to differentiate your site from your competitors?

What are the general purposes for your Web site?

Your site should have a primary and secondary purpose.

Purposes could be:

  • increase sales and awareness
  • assist in distribution of products or services
  • provide company information to clients, investors, media
  • educate the public about a certain product, industry, technique etc
  • sell products via e-commerce
  • gain customer feedback
  • provide product support
  • provide entertainment
  • entice customers to your physical location
  • showcase your work with photos

How do you want the website to help your business?

What sort of reaction are you expecting from your website?

Reactions could be:

  • new customer contact
  • online sales
  • increased customer retention
  • decreased phone, fax or email support calls
  • growth of marketing opportunities (mailing lists, newsletters)

What sections would you like for your website?

Typically, a website should have no more than 6-8 top level pages. The following is a list of common sections and/or navigation items:

  • * Home Page
  • * Products and/or Services - links on this page might be:
    product description/specifications /demos/samples
  • * Product features & benefits
  • * Parts list, schematics, assembly instructions
  • * Warranty & Return Policy
  • * Testimonials/ Galleries or reviews
  • * Purchasing/ Shopping Cart/Dealer List*
  • * Order Form
  • * Catalogues (download pdf or order print copy via form)
  • * Prices
  • * Shipping Information
  • * Company information Pages
  • * Customer Service
  • * About Us/Contact Us
  • * Privacy Policy
  • * News and Events or other regional information
  • * FAQ, Glossary of terms or Interesting Facts
  • * Articles/newsletter
  • * Links
  • Help and Support

Will your site be part of an existing marketing strategy?

Does your business already have a marketing strategy in place with printed material, promotional items, or advertising campaigns?

Would you like to deviate from your existing strategy?

Do you have a concept for a new strategy?

How will you promote your website?

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